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120x80 cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas, independent part of 

Diptych 120 x 160 cm ( 2 x 120x80cm )

Le rêve oublié 1

  • "Le rêve oublié" is inspired from the unique beauty of medinas of the Nothern Morocco. Authentic jewels in the midle of mountains.

    A nostalgic and dreamy vision of a semi-desert landscape, whitened and blurred by a morning mist or sandstorm. The whiteness and the material are omnipresent in all the paintings, and the golden or copper patina gives them an atmosphere of an old photo found in a forgotten album and recall the shades of old time walls.

    Mediterranean collection is artists tribute to the singular beauty and bewitching charm of South.

    A nostalgic and dreamy vision of magical north african landscapes.

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